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Technical guidance is an integral part of our service. We support your product development in terms of biocide selection and use, working with you to identify the solution to your specific requirements.

Microbiological testing

Whether you need a challenge test, a sterility test or the identification of a contaminant-we can do this for you using an independent lab. These ensure that the results are independent and objective.


Our analytical experts help you to determine the stability of our biocides in your individual formulation.

Product development:

Development work is necessary not only for your new products, but also for existing products when using a new biocide. We will assist you in finding the best possible and its optimal dosage.


We will help you in all aspects of biocide use, from the choice of the preservation system to advice for production hygiene.

Chemicals regulations

REACH, BPR, CLP-regulation: We take care of the compliance with the different regulations, if you have any questions about chemical regulations, we will be happy to assist you.