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Vinkocos® Shea butter

Shea butter oil, also known as shea butter, is a slightly yellowish or ivory-colored fat extracted from the shea nut of shear tree, which is a kind of drupe plant which only grows in several Western Africa countries like Bénin, Burkina Faso, Côte d'Ivoire, Ghana, Guinée, Mali, Nigeria & Togo etc. Shear tree is difficult to be planted, but grow wild, so the production is quite limited.

Shea butter is a kind of pure natural non-toxic and non-stimulating fat. It has the closest fat indicators with that of human sebum secretion. It contains a wealth of unsaponificable matter, easily absorbed by human body, not only to prevent dry cracking, but also to restore and maintain the skin's natural elasticity.

Benefited from the trade with Western Africa in the last 40 years, Vink Chemicals GmbH & Co. KG owns a big production base of crude shear butter, and refines it in Europe, to supply the high quality refined shea butter VINKOCOS RSB.